GSA Schedule Testimonials


We finally have our GSA Schedule award.

Laura and Richard, thank you for your support throughout the proposal process and continued review and support through all the reviews. I was surprised to see GSA schedule award come through in 90 days, our last schedule took over 9 mos but it was back in 2007. Thank you again and couldn't have done it without you guys. I will be sure to recommend you to others.

Naren Thota


I always wanted to send you a thank you as the process you have for preparing GSA Schedules made it so easy for us to get our IT 70 Schedule, not once, but twice. We lost the first one as we didn't have any contracts and we have great contracts on the new one. Due to the excellent support I received preparing our submission, we had the schedule negotiated and awarded in 30 days. Take care, Barbara

Siltek Group, Inc

Barbara Schipper

Hi Laura and Richard,

I wanted to share the good news that we received our GSA Contract today!

I would imagine this is close to record time for review and completion.

Thank you for everything you did to help our application be perfect along the road to this result!

John Moyer
Director of Corporate Sales

Good Morning Suzie,

I feel confident that I have the essence of the tasking well in hand for the GSA proposal, yet need some work to be done internally with the price list - etc.

I think the program was very beneficial, and I know it will allow my company to at last turn the corner with our GSA initiative, - and get it awarded. Your facility and the location is perfect, - especially for those traveling some distance. I stayed at the Hilton up in Twin Brook and took the Metro.

No doubt I will have a question or two, - hopefully that is acceptable via e-mail?

Please extend my appreciation to you your Dad as well.

With Warm Regards,

Roy N. Patterson
Managing Director
Trachte, Inc.

GSA Staff,

Fedmarket's GSA eLabPlus staff was very friendly, helpful and patient. The cost of the GSA eLabPlus and follow-up support was much cheaper than any other option that we explored. I highly recommend!!

James L. Barrett, Jr., PE, Associate AIA, LEED AP
Burdette, Koehler, Murphy & Associates, Inc.

Dear Dick,

I am pleased to inform you that Bukkehave has been awarded a GSA schedule, Yahoo!!! I want to sincerely thank you for your direction in how to position Bukkehave's product offering with GSA and the wealth of knowledge I obtained by attending your class.

My sincere appreciation and respect to you!

Tamara Ketcham, M.B.A.
Bukkehave Inc. USA
Office: 954-525-9788

eLab Staff,

The overall experience of the GSA eLab was great. My understanding of how the process works jumped ahead 99%. The Wizard software is very user-friendly, and your instructions do a great job outlining everything.

Julian Richard
E Sam Jones Distributor
Phone: 404-351-3250

Dear Fedmarket,

The GSA eLab is a lot of money, but I think the investment is worthwhile. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do it on my own. The individual attention of your instructors has been very helpful, and I've finished my proposal.

Prabir Guha
Advanced Database Support Service
Phone: 703-608-9572

Dear Mr. White,

I appreciate the excellent work your staff does to make submitting a GSA schedule as painless as possible.

Diego was most reassuring and helpful in directing us to the correct course.

Eileen, as I'm sure you are aware, is an excellent teacher. Her expertise and attitude make the bitter pill much easier to swallow.

I wish you and your organization continued success.

Warmest wishes,
Wendy Shapiro
Fanelli McClain Design Studios

Dear Fedmarket,

I wanted to let you know that we just received our GSA Schedule contract form our Contracting Officer. It took about 5 months, so not too shabby given their workload. Fedmarket comes through again!!! The timing is impeccable right now with extra stimulus money coming through. This is a great time to get involved!

Jerry Eastridge
RBA Group
Phone: 703-403-7682

Eileen and Diego,

Thank you so much for your assistance at the GSA e-lab this week. The process was unexpectedly painless (although tedious!) I must admit I was skeptical before attending. I'm one of those weird people who spent weeks reading through FAR clauses, trying to make sense of them.Your discussions about the actual processes were more helpful than anything. Even though we were a diverse group of "students," I felt comfortable discussing my specific business concerns with both of you.

I also wanted to compliment your choice of the MicroTek facility. I am looking into using one of their local branches for training sessions we are planning for our software.

If you're ever in the Seattle area, let me know. Maybe I could treat you to dinner, since I'll be making piles of money from my new GSA contract any minute. :-)

Thanks again,
Shannon McDowell
VICE President
Dataworks Development, Inc.
(425) 673-1974

Hi Eileen,

Thanks for the quick response. Hello Richard and Beth hope this finds you doing well. Thanks for always being so incredibly responsive - you are amazing. I'll let you all know how things go but since attending the event in January along with Eileen's incredible course in LA - we have had a lot of forward movement. We tell everyone to stop wasting time on their GSA schedules and go see you guys.

Take care and have a safe and enjoyable 4th.

Rondia Moss
Ethical Personnel Services, Inc. dba A Professional Personnel Service

Mr. White,

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on what a wonderful job Eileen did while coaching me through the LOGWORLD Schedule. She took me through the process step-by-step and we are now ready to submit the final product. Having the course in a great place like Chicago was also wonderful. There is so much to do and see. I hope to get out to more courses in the Windy City this spring so I can catch a Cubs or Sox game. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great team at Fedmarket. Eileen does an excellent job training students and definitely takes the mystery out of the GSA Schedule. I have begun to send my employees through the Sales 101 Classes and they are now talking to Government agencies like never before. Most of us are prior military officers, so we have some degree of how the game works. However, there is so much more out there--and Eileen really convinced us of that!

Kevin Drew
Director of Government and Military Logistics
General Freight Services, Inc.
10151 Deerwood Park Boulevard
Building 400; Suite 210
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Toll Free: (866) 490-8804
Cellular: (904) 316-2205


We received our GSA IT Schedule this afternoon! I submitted it on March 5th and we received the award today, one month and 2 days later.

He said that the reason the award went so quickly was because I was so responsive and because the package was well put together. Thought you would want to hear his comments.

Thanks to all for assisting me with the submission.

Barbara R. Schipper
Chief Operating Officer eLab Staff,

Good news today from our GSA Contracting Officer!! I wanted to write to thank yall so much for your help. It's been a long few months to get through the whole process, but we finally have our magic number!

Thanks again to you and your staff for all of your help!

Meghan Flanagan
Director of Government Sales
Office: (512) 252-3808


I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I signed up for the January eLab that I could truly leave the lab with a completed GSA Schedule proposal in only 3 business days. Not only did I leave with a completed proposal, but I also left armed with the knowledge I needed to successfully complete negotiations with GSA. Your advice and that of your expert consultants was invaluable to me during the entire process. We were just awarded our GSA Schedule contract, and I have to thank you for taking the mystery away and making it such an easy process for us. I will certainly recommend the eLab to other small business owners.

Mary Beth Romani
Chief Executive Officer
Integrity Management Consulting, Inc.
Tel: 703.349.3394

Dear Fedmarket,

We were awarded our GSA contract last week. Our number is GS-23F-0017T. Thanks so much for all of your assistance - especially your role as our "acting psychiatrist" during this agonizing process!

Linda Schleef
Vice President
Medical Documentation Plus, Inc.


I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays. Just a quick note to inform you that Omega Communications finally received the GSA award for IT-70 and we have gotten our contract number. Thank you all so much for all of your help and assistance and hand holding during this process. We couldn't have done it without you!

Take Care,
Alexis C. Milner
Executive Assistant
Omega Communications, Inc.


This is a service long over-due. And, well done. The personal attention to individual needs was fantastic. For sure this could have been done without FedMarket. But, instead of taking two and a half days it would have taken two and a half months. Fantastic return on investment. I look forward to working with you "guys" in the future.

Mike Gorman
Whitemarsh Information Systems

Richard and Beth,

I just spoke with my GSA Contracting Officer earlier this morning regarding the proposal I submitted last month. I wanted to pass along to you some very flattering comments that she offered on your behalf. Since most of us plod along in our professional lives with minimal feedback on how we are doing, (unless it is negative) I thought I would take a moment to share with you my Contracting Officer's comments about you and your team of professionals at FedMarket.

As you know, the arena of government sales and GSA Schedules was virgin territory for me. I have to admit that I found the paperwork overwhelming and intimidating. I have spoken to other colleagues and business owners who had spent the good part of the year trying to get on a schedule. I was expecting the same. My Contracting Officer called me this morning. She had basically one clarification on my pricing. It was less than a five minute conversation. When she said that I should be expecting the paperwork for my signature via fax later today wrapping up this proposal, I was taken by complete surprise. Remembering my conversations with others who have attempted getting on a schedule, I was anticipating several rounds of letters and further documentation before being done, taking hours of additional time and months to execute. After confirming that this was the final phase, she said it had to do with the quality of the proposal that I submitted. I confessed to her that my proposal was the product of an Elab seminar that I took in January sponsored by FedMarket. I told her that the credit was really owed to the assistance of Dick White's staff Beth White and Eileen Kent who walked me through the mountain of forms and applications during this three day seminar. My Contracting Officer was quick to interject that FedMarket does an outstanding job with the proposals that you consult on.

So what I wanted pass on to you is that the staff at the GSA office that reviews and negotiates the proposals for the GSA schedules, holds you and the professionals at FedMarket in high regard. My Contracting Officer was very complimentary about your company and the quality of service that you provide to your customers. You clearly have an excellent reputation with them. From personal experience, I can vouch for the professionalism and expertise in making this as painless and efficient a process as possible. You offer an outstanding service to business owners such as mine. I can't thank you enough.

Lisa Freda
Commonwealth Physician Recruiting

Dear eLab Staff,

I tried on and off for a year to complete the GSA solicitation on my own. The experts at Fedmarket took the time to understand my business and walked through the process of completing the solicitation in under 3 days. There is absolutely no way I could have completed the process without the Fedmarket team.

Eric Dodson
onShore Development


Last week our GSA number was awarded and today we received the acceptance packet. We would not have been able to do this without your help and can't thank you enough. I'm sure we'll be taking advantage of additional seminars and materials and would be delighted to refer others to your firm."

Thanks again,
Mike Esterday
President, Integrity Services


Everything went just as you explained two weeks ago when I decided to invest in the Fedmarket GSA program. I actually finished in 2 days and am ready to submit our GSA proposal. Very impressive, this would not have been possible had we kept the project in-house."

Barry Culbertson, President

eLab Staff,

Thank you and your team for facilitating the completion of our GSA Schedule proposal. I found the eLab very productive and I believe it has added a couple of years to my life! I will definitely recommend your services to others.

Cynthia Karnik

Dear Fedmarket Staff,

I was in your October GSA eLab workshop, and thought I'd give you an update.

In about 6 weeks since working together in your GSA workshop I had a GSA IT Schedule in hand. Thanks for your help. I know we could not have done this without your help and the workshop approach was an efficient way of approaching it.

I was prepared for what transpired with GSA negotiations after I left your workshop. The price negotiation with GSA went exactly how we discussed in the workshop so there were no surprises.

I'm sure that getting a GSA schedule will be instrumental to our growth.

Thanks again.
David Alvey


Thank you for your GSA workshop. I just got the GSA Award.

Eric Hollander
Chiral Software, Inc.

Dear Richard,

I want to thank you and your entire staff for the services you provided to prepare and complete the GSA schedule. From the onset with the first conversation with Matt Hankes explaining why the E-Lab will be beneficial to my business and the best investment to Suzie White's follow up with the instuctions on preparation of the application then onto the actual course.

Your team of instructors were very capable, approachable and competent to provide the best support during this process. The capabilities of Fedmarket put me at ease and provided the specialized support I needed. You made an overwhelming task possible to the point of completion by the end of the 3 days. I also appreciate your attention to our basic needs providing a comfortable setting, meals, coffee/tea, chocolate anything to help us get through the application. I thank you for the support and will testify to any potential customers that your service was well worth the investment!

Most Sincerely,
Luby Ismail
President Connecting Cultures


Our company submitted a proposal for a GSA MOBIS contract two years ago but we were turned down. Richard White took 30 seconds to look at our Experience section and knew why. Over the course of the three-day eLab, Richard, Beth White, and other consultants reviewed every aspect our new strategy, helped me rewrite the problem areas, and gave invaluable advice on dealing with GSA contracting officials. I can't say enough about how beneficial this eLab proved to be for Geo-Marine.

Elizabeth Taylor
Technical Writer
Business Development Department
Geo-Marine, Inc.

Dear Eileen,

It truly was a pleasure to attend the eLAB work shop. We appreciate your help and completeness in putting the schedules together. Your approach established for this work shop was very affective. You, Richard, Beth, Suzie and other Fedmarket staff were awesome.

Paul Corwell

Dear Fedmarket Team,

I wanted to let you know that the GSA contact award finally came! It would have happened a bit sooner but we had a couple of rounds of pricing / discounting discussions which required written correspondence. What I found to be useful was developing a personal relationship with our GSA contact point - this was useful during the process and will be good moving forward.

Thanks for all of your guidance and recommendations.

Craig Willison
Chief Operating Officer
CompeteNet, Inc.

Hi Fedmarket,

I attended your GSA eLab last October. I just wanted to pass along to you that I submitted our schedule application in late December. We were awarded our contract under Schedule 75 on March 16.

I found the eLab quite helpful in navigating through a very confusing process. Thanks for your assistance.

Joe Tosolt
Marketing Manager
Innovative Office Products, Inc.

Dear Richard,

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a successful trip to Bethesda, MD! I left the GSA eLab with a completed proposal in just two days! The first day was really intense and a bit overwhelming, but the next day I flowed through the solicitation with ease.....thanks to one-on-one help of you your team. Eileen was just a kick! She helped turn the eLab into a fun and educational environment.

I had been working on my solicitation for 6 months and reached a point where I had to get help. I am so glad I did! My boss was thrilled as well. We weren't sure if I should go because of the expense, but we realized how important it was. Besides, we will get that money back in future sales to the Government. Right?

I was able to spend my third day sight-seeing in downtown Washington, DC. What a powerful place to visit! I tried to have lunch with President Bush, but he was all booked up. ;)

I can't thank you enough for all your help.

Best Regards,
Laura Ramos
VP Sales & Marketing
Enterprise ArchiTechs, Inc.
Office: (805) 577-0509

Dear Eileen,

We just won the construction management services contract for a major Federal Building and Courthouse! Thank you so much for all your encouragement and advice. It'll be a few years before this project is constructed, but the PM, CO, and COR are great, by the way. And, as you've often said, "they're just people, too."

Thanks again!
Garrett Terlaak
O'Connor Construction Management, Inc.


Your class was spot on in meeting our needs and when I used your technique to get a key contact in the government to open up, it worked! Furthermore, my government contact reinforced every point you made on how to work in the GSA schedule environment!

Well worth the investment in your training.

Mark Tomasevich
Alteon Training
A Boeing Company
Phone: 206-662-8103


We are a small technology company, who until recently never considered attempting to enter the government business sector. By chance, we had previously been awarded two government contracts through open-source. On both occasions, our efforts working with the GSA were very challenging experiences. We decided early this year to look into obtaining approved GSA Schedules; found out about your company through a search engine and I attended the eLab in March.

I remember walking into the Federal Sales Academy classroom and meeting one of your team. They introduced themselves, and asked me which schedules I was there to apply for... and I had no clue. Obviously we would have been hard-pressed to apply for the GSA contract on our own.

We submitted our IT-70 solicitation the day after I left your seminar in late March and our contract was awarded two days ago (less than three months after submission). Our Contracting Officer even complimented us on a well-prepared package!

Our thanks to you and your staff (Laura Kiff, Eileen Kent and Beth White) for the intense and extremely valuable three days spent in Bethesda.

Best regards,
Charlie Latham
Chief Operating Officer
Incodea Corporation


As of June 1st 2005 our company will have it's GSA Schedule Contract Number. It was a bit of a task dealing with the actual submission of our proposal but it would not have been at all possible without your help, advice and direction. Thank you for all your support. It was a pleasure meeting you and knowing that your GSA eLab is a long needed necessity for companies like us.

Thanks Again,
Kenneth W. Lonas
Government and Educational Sales Department
Markertek Video Supply


I can't tell you how valuable these sessions have been the last two days, as well as your instructions imbedded in the documents. Again, thank you for all your help. You and the three ladies were wonderful and I know we couldn't have gotten this done without you!

Todd R. Evans
Director, Environmental Products


Albany Door Systems has just been awarded a Federal contract. I want to personally thank you and the Fedmarket team for the very useful information provided in your seminars "GSA Schedules", as well as "Federal Sales". The information you provided in these seminars was both accurate and helpful in obtaining our industrial supply schedule 56 for our high performance door products. I also believe Fedmarket helped us expedite the process, we received our schedule in less than 5 months with few revisions because of your program. Thanks.

Best Regards,
Bryan R. Wallace
Strategic Project Manager
Albany Door Systems

Dear Shelly,

Thank you so much for all the information you provided regarding the Fedmarket GSA e-Lab. I finished the lab last week and have almost all the information I need to submit to GSA for our proposal. I really appreciated your prompt response to all my questions prior to attending the lab. I also found the team conducting the lab to be outstanding. The upfront work they completed and had loaded on our personal computers before we attended the lab allowed us to complete all the necessary work needed for the proposal in less than three days. The team was very knowledgeable in all aspects of submitting a proposal to GSA and they also offered excellent information on what to expect after submitting our proposals. Please extend my sincere thanks to Richard, Beth, Laura, Eileen, Meg and the computer systems staff member

Mary Sitton
Environmental Research, Inc.


I tried on and off for a year to complete the GSA solicitation on my own. The experts at Fedmarket took the time to understand my business and walked through the process of completing the solicitation in under 3 days. There is absolutely no way I could have completed the process without the Fedmarket team.

Eric Dodson
onShore Development

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank you for the support in preparing the GSA proposal. While I was still quite confused about the entire process yesterday, with your guidance everything seemed to come together today, and the proposal is finished. Had I not attended the eLab, there would have been no way this could have been completed in under 2 days. Thanks again for all of your help, advice, and wisdom. This was well worth the cost, even for a small 4 person business like mine.

Bob Hardy
RH Systems


This is a service long over-due. And, well done. The personal attention to individual needs was fantastic. For sure this could have been done without Fedmarket. But, instead of taking two and a half days it would have taken two and a half months. Fantastic return on investment.

I look forward to working with you "guys" in the future.

Mike Gorman
Whitemarsh Information Systems
Bowie, MD 20716

Happy New Year to all at the Federal Sales Academy!

After many months of worry about when we'd complete our GSA FSS bid you and your capable staff made it all happen. I submitted the three section bid package last week and I'm looking forward to being able to respond decisively to the question I've heard so many times before from government contractors: "we like your qualifications and work, but how am I going to contract you?"

It had been almost a year since I submitted my firm's Past Performance Evaluation, received very positive results from clients, but couldn't get past the seemingly onerous requirements of GSA's Environmental Services Solicitation. With your insights and the "Wizard" the process was simplified so that the work was done in two days- perhaps the two most productive days of business development I've had in the past several months. My concerns about how to present the financials and labor rates for my three-year old/two employees small business were transformed from complications to opportunities to provide cost effectiveness to the federal government.

Thank you for saving my business considerable time and money. Your firm helped stop the bleeding in more than one way! (Please thank Beth and Meg for the first aid.) I'm sending you a bagel slicer for future eLabs and seminars.

Scott Neese, PhD
3D EnviroLogics, LLC
Charlottesville, VA

Dick, Beth, Laura, Judy and Meg,

I want to thank you all for the excellent eLab class that you presented. The class combined high quality and efficiency. You were not only very professional and knowledgeable but friendly and helpful as well. The class was a no non-sense/get the job done effort that was well worth the cost. I not only have a finished proposal but I also understand the subtle nuances of a GSA schedule.

The approach to the problem was perfect. I was able to prepare 200 page proposal in three days thanks to the use of templates and examples. The lecture portion was kept to a minimum but contained valuable nuggets of information and conveyed the important issues. The difficult parts were tackled early while the mind numbing mechanical sections came last.

Food and drinks were always available for a quick snack. An excellent but simple lunch was served every day. The facilities (room, computers, data files) were first class. Everything including email and internet access was available from day one.

Everything was geared towards efficiency. From short get to the point lectures to lunches delivered to the room. Templates and examples greatly reduced typing. Having four of you available to answer questions meant that nobody had to wait long for help. This sort of efficiency allowed for many of us to finish ahead of schedule.The team was excellent and performed very well together. Each of you brought valuable insights into the problem and everyone was very patient and helpful (despite the dumb questions). I always felt that I had the real experts on hand right beside me.

My sincere appreciation and respect to you!

Dick Henggeler
Henggeler Computer Consultants, Inc.
301 317-8995
410 336-8273 cell
301 317-8996 fax