Beat the Proverbial Proposal Receipt Time Stamp Machine

Everyone has heard the stories of delivery vehicles screaming down the Beltway only to just make or miss a proposal filing deadline. Or the stories of proposals that never made their destination due to mishandling by delivery services.  Why do companies put themselves in this dreadful, high-pressure situation? Why are hundreds of thousands of dollars lost? There isn't any leeway. You either make or miss the cutoff point; there's no such thing as being "close" to meeting a deadline.

In most cases, deadlines are missed due to management's refusal to step in and provide the leverage needed to get the proposal finished in advance of the drop dead date. Another cause is a lack of a clear delineation as to whom is responsible for what content, when it is due, and what to do when the assigned staff member is incapable of producing what is needed. To avoid the problems discussed above, make sure that every member of your proposal team is fully versed on their respective roles and the deadlines they must meet. 

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