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The costs associated with writing a federal proposal are increasing as the federal government adds more red tape to the procurement process. For example, compliance rules are now more rigorous as a result of the publication of new Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) clauses. New rules mean new requirements must be met.  In addition, government auditors are now reviewing contracting officer's files to ensure that the rules are followed which results in a demand by the contracting officer for additional support and data. The result is that additional dollars are required to ensure that a proposal is 100% compliant. 

Our clients report to us that newcomers to the federal market underestimate proposal development costs by a factor of 2 - 1 or more. In response to demand from our clients, our proposal writers have designed individual proposal templates in an effort to help reduce your proposal development costs. The documents were developed using content from proposals that have won large contracts in the past. These templates address specific sections of federal proposals and will save you time, money, and will greatly improve the quality of your next federal proposal. See below for more information. 

RFP Templates - Templates for standard RFP responses

Price Templates - Templates designed to dramatically improve the quality of price proposals

GSA Templates - Fedmarket's experts, which collectively have countless years of experience in drafting and negotiating successful GSA Schedule offers, have developed templates that address specific sections of GSA Schedule solicitations. 

The benefits of Fedmarket's proposal templates are summarized as follows:

  • They give your writers a head start so they can move on to the next task rather than creating text from scratch
  • You will save 30 - 60% off the cost of preparing a proposal (in terms of dollars spent and the level of effort needed)
  • They allow writers to focus on critical, customer-centric aspects of the proposal and maximize evaluation points
  • The templates help ensure that the proposal will address all the requirements of a RFP
  • They help assure that deadlines will be met without the crises associated with waiting until the last minute 
  • The templates will improve proposal consistency and quality

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