VECTOR Final RFP Released


VECTOR Final RFP is Out
Due Date is March 14th

VECTOR is a SDVOSB set-aside with a $25 billion ceiling.
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VECTOR is NOT out of reach; this is an opportunity open to close to all SDVOSB.  We anticipate ten (10) awards for each of the six (6) service areas.  Below is a list of the experience requirements for VECTOR by Service Group. You do not need to provide any contact information or PPQ-type material for any of these:
Service Area 1 Management & Improvement
Experience descriptions required in 2 questions.
Service Area 2 - Analysis
Experience descriptions required in 1 question.
Service Area 3 - Training
No experience descriptions required.
Service Area 4 - Outreach
Experience descriptions required in 5 questions.
Service Area 5 Supply Chain
Experience descriptions required in 2 questions.
Service Area 6 Human Resources and Staffing
Experience descriptions required in 4 questions.

Fedmarket is offering full-service proposal writing assistance and a model proposal based on the final RFP.

  • VECTOR is an IDIQ contract with FFP and LH type task orders.
  • Contract length is 10 years, base of 5 years plus a five-year option
  • The contract has a $25 Billion Ceiling
  • Streamlining techniques will be used for Proposal Prep and Evaluation

VECTOR will run out of the VA Strategic Acquisition Center in Frederick, MD,

View the final RFP at FedBizOps: Click here to view.

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