Why Use Proposal Outlines and Templates

In past newsletters we stress the importance of a detailed outline and templates when organizing the content of multiple technical writers.

A detailed outline and template also provides two other important benefits in producing a winning proposal.

  1. A template is an absolute necessity for extracting content from subcontractors. Obtaining proposal content from subcontracts is like pulling teeth and the government contracting world is abound with stories about the non-responsiveness of subcontractors. A detailed temple doesn't solve all of the problems of subcontractor content but when they do respond a template improves the structure, clarity, and quality of what they provide.

  2. Detailed proposal templates can be stored and improved each time a proposal for similar services is written. On other words, templates evolve and get better and better over time.  The value of legacy technical approach templates depends on the similarity of scopes of work from proposal to proposal. Management plan templates are like gold and can reduce proposal writing costs and improve quality because contracts are managed in the same way regardless of the scopes of work.

Ask veteran proposals writer and they will tell you legacy content makes their lives worth living.

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