GSA Proposal Pricing Expert at Your Service

Are you looking for a cost-effective, prompt service, to assist you in preparing your GSA schedule proposal? Look no further, "GSA Proposal Pricing Expert at Your Service" allows you to work virtually with Richard White,  a nationally recognized GSA pricing expert, and author of "The Shortest Path to Federal Dollars: GSA Schedules. " The result of the collaboration is a GSA proposal, not just ready to submit, but submitted through eOffer, and ready for award.

Putting together a proposal for a GSA Schedule contract requires an affinity for detail, incredible patience, and real genius when it comes to pricing.

The most important and most difficult aspect of preparing a GSA schedule proposal is pricing. How to come up with a price that the government will accept and that still provides a profit to your company. Identifying your "Most Favored Customer," determining who should be in your "Basis of Award" group, and understanding how those decisions affect future business decisions are complicated tasks. Pricing is a stumbling block for experienced and novice GSA proposal writers, pricing proliferates itself through many of the files required in your GSA proposal.

The nuances of completing a GSA schedule proposal are best understood when you have an expert at your side. Anyone can complete a proposal - but submitting a proposal that works in your favor is not easily done unless you have years of experience working with GSA Contracting Officers and GSA proposal documents.

Mr. White will assist you in the following steps:

  1. The owner or an officer of a company works with Mr. White by telephone, conference call, and email to untangle the inherently complicated mess of discounting and most favored customer pricing required by GSA.  GSA pricing requirements concepts are complex, but the files required for your GSA proposal are easy to write once the requirements are understood, and pricing is developed that is profitable to you and acceptable to GSA.

  2. Work with management upfront through conference calls and virtual meeting to get pricing and discounting right, e.g., pricing profitable to you, that GSA will approve.

  3. Your Chief Financial Officer and/or contract manager work with a Fedmarket GSA specialist in parallel with the pricing exercise in Step 1. Using turbo-tax like templates your people and the GSA specialist will develop the remainder of the files required for a GSA proposal.

  4. Obtaining a digital certificate which is necessary for GSA proposal submittal,  and help you in upload your proposal files to eOffer; the GSA proposal submittal website.

"GSA Proposal Pricing Expert at Your Service" will save time ( you will be working with GSA templates developed by Fedmarket to expedite the process), and save money (pricing files correctly the first time, rather than redoing files based on changes in proposed pricing).

GSA Proposal Pricing Expert at Your Service$9,000