What is it

Templates designed to dramatically improve price proposal quality 


  • Turn complex pricing formulas into simple data entry tasks
  • Save time and labor dollars
  • Improve proposal consistency and compliance
  • Avoid costly pricing errors


  • Detailed template instructions for users
  • Calculate rates based on inputs from source tab
  • Formatted spreadsheets for ease of use
  • Data entry tab that flows through entire model

Price Proposal Library

Federal price proposals require Cost/Price Formats that are compliant with Federal Cost Accounting Standards. The Price Proposal Library contains the following four standard federal templates.

Save person days of financial staff time is preparing price proposal.

Direct Labor Development: Develop and escalate direct labor rates using multiple user-selected sources.

  • Allows salary inputs from multiple sources to determine Direct labor hourly rates
  • Accounts for Incumbent Wage data and Wage Determination
  • Escalates labor dates by input percentage per period

Rate Burdening: Apply indirect rates to direct labor rates, to develop fully burdened labor rates

  • Applies Fringe, Overhead, G&A, Fee, and Escalation
  • Allows indirect rates to differ by period
  • Accounts for both government site and contractor site rates
  • Choose to either escalate or not escalate non-exempt labor categories

Time and Materials: Develop T&M rates.

  • Develop fully burdened labor rates for prime and subcontractors
  • Assign hours to prime and subcontractors by labor category
  • Determines total T&M price by period
  • Provides charts to visualize data breakdowns

Staffing: Staffing Breakdown, helps assist companies allocate workshare by WBS and Team

  • Develop WBS for up to three task levels
  • Assign team members and sites to each WBS number
  • Provides charts to visualize monthly FTEs by labor category
  • Provides charts to display total staffing breakdown by team member and task
Price Templates

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Direct Labor Development$290
Staffing Template $290
Rate Burdening$290
Time and Materials$290
Pricing Template Package (4 Templates)$990

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