Program Management Administrative Clerical and Technical Services III (PACTS-III)

The DHS intends on amending this solicitation, no later than May 10, 2024. As a result of these updates, Contractors may, but are not required to, submit a full proposal in response to the Amendment 0003 no later than 5pm (5:00:00 pm) ET on May 21, 2024. - View changes.

The PACTS III Roadmap will streamline your proposal preparation process by saving you the time and effort required to navigate and comprehend the intricacies of the RFP and its associated requirements.

The PACTS III Roadmap includes:

  • PACTS III RFP Overview: Comprehensive introduction to the PACTS III Request for Proposal (RFP), outlining its key objectives and scope.
  • Detailed Requirements: In-depth exploration of the RFP requirements, providing a thorough understanding of each element.
  • Annotated Compliance Matrix: A visual and explanatory guide mapping RFP requirements to the compliance matrix, ensuring clarity on adherence.
  • Scoring Process Explanation: Clear elucidation of the scoring methodology, facilitating a transparent understanding of how submissions are evaluated.
  • Qualification Criteria: Definition of project requisites such as size, dollar amount, period of performance, and percentage of work performed, establishing the parameters for relevance.
  • Eligible Socio-Economic Groups: Identification of socio-economic groups eligible to participate, ensuring inclusivity and diversity.
  • Submission Categories Explained: Thorough breakdown of the four submission categories—Prime, Joint Venture (JV), Multi-Prime (MP) Prime/Sub—clarifying distinctions and criteria.
  • Pricing Overview: Insight into the pricing structure, providing a comprehensive understanding of financial considerations.
  • Awards Process: Explanation of the awards process, detailing the criteria and steps involved in determining successful submissions.
  • Evaluation and Scoring for Each Category: Detailed examination of how submissions are evaluated and scored based on the specific arrangement category.
  • Accounting & Clearances: Information on accounting procedures and required clearances, ensuring compliance with regulatory and financial standards.
  • Insights: Key insights and recommendations to enhance the quality and competitiveness of submissions.
  • Warnings – Critical Considerations: Highlighting potential pitfalls and crucial aspects not to overlook, providing a proactive approach to submission challenges.

Our PACTS III Roadmap aims to offer a more organized and comprehensive view of the PACTS III RFP and its associated elements.

RFP  Description

The principal purpose of this requirement is to provide the Department of Homeland Security with program management, administrative, clerical, engineering and technical services. 
TitleProgram Management Administrative Clerical and Technical Services III (PACTS-III)
Solicitation #70SBUR23R00000016
Functional Area 1
Functional Area 2
Functional Area 3
Due DateApril 12, 2024
Contract TypeIndefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ)
Issuing AgencyDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS)
Bidding TracksSDVOSB, WOSB, 8(a) and HUBZone
AwardsThe DHS intends to make approximately eight (8) awards for each of the four (4) socioeconomic tracks within each Functional Category as described in FAR Clause 52.216-27 of this solicitation.

Of the eight (8) awards, the DHS intends on awarding two (2) contracts to Prime Contractors and two (2) to each of the different types of SBTAs: Joint Ventures, Prime/Subcontractor(s) and Mentor Protégé.
Contract Period15 years
Max Contract Ceiling$8.4 B
NAICS & Size StandardFunctional Category 1: NAICS 541611, Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services, $24.5 million size standard

Functional Category 2: NAICS 561110, Office Administrative Services, $12.5 million size standard

Functional Category 3: NAICS 541330, Engineering Services, $25.5 million size standard
Specific RFP Qualification RequirementsSecret or Top-Secret facility clearance that is acceptable at the time the Offeror submits proposal can increase points.

Experience and past performance (federal or non-federal) that is relevant to PACTS III. Project minimum $1M.

Accounting system that is adequate for Time and Material and Labor Hour contracts at the time the Offeror submits proposal can considerably increase points.
Scope of WorkThere is a separate SOW for each functional area.
Functional Area 1
Functional Area 2
Functional Area 3
Proposal VolumesVolume I - Executive Summary
Volume II - Technical
Volume III - Price
Volume IV - Contract Documents
Best Value, Technical, Past Performance & Experience


select your desired product
FC 1 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services$1,750
FC 2 - Office Administrative Services$1,750
FC 3 - Engineering Services$1,750
PACTS III Consulting - 5 hours$1,000
PACTS III Bid, No Bid Consult - 1 hour$250

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