Federal Contracting Consulting for Newcomers

A small investment with a large return.

  • The average small business government contractor enjoys yearly profits in the million dollar range.
  • The federal government purchases most everything you can think of on an ongoing basis.
  • Once you're "in," if you do the job well, repeat business is just about guaranteed.
  • In spite of the budget limitations, they are still buying over $ 500 billion of products and services, and they have to buy this amount annually to keep the government running
  • A small business can be successful in a marketplace dominated by large businesses.

Don't let the red tape scare you, when you break it down you are simply selling to people, just like you do in the commercial marketplace.

Fedmarket is offering a unique package to help you expedite your entry to the government marketplace i.e. win government business in this lifetime.

Richard White, Fedmarket founder, and government contractor will mentor you through the process. You will receive one-on-one consulting, based on what you sell.

Tell Richard what you sell, define your capabilities,  and he will help you achieve your goals.

Strategic Consulting on Entering the Federal Market

  • We recommend beginning with 10 hours of consulting time with Richard White's (hours strictly accounted for by task performed).
  • A conference call to provide an overview of the market and answer questions about market entry, work tasks, and a tentative schedule of tasks to be performed are selected during the initial call.

Richard White works with you to select the appropriate consulting tasks for your company including:

  1. Initial conference call
  2. Personalized webinar (1- hour) for your company based on the eBook Newcomers to the Federal Market
  3. Federal market assessment
  4. Perform analyses of competitors in the market
  5. Develop distinguishing marketing/sales message for website, sales calls, and email messages
  6. Assist in developing content for company website
  7. Assist in developing targeted email marketing campaign
  8. Assist in developing process for obtaining contract information using the Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)
  9. Select Multiple Award Contracts (IDIQs) for future bids
  10. Assist in finding contract opportunities using contract award databases
  11. Devoid list of contracting opportunities, target agencies, and target buyer
  12. Train company personnel to find sales opportunities
  13. Assist in developing a federal sales network
  14. Assist in developing a company sales and marketing plan
  15. Assist in making bid/no bid decisions
  16. Assist in proposal writing and training company personnel in writing federal proposals
Federal Contracting Consulting for Newcomers$2,500


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