What is it

Your SBA 8(a) application completed and submitted to the SBA by an SBA 8(a) certification specialist


  • Become eligible for federal government contracts on a non-competitive or limited- competitive basis through a program of federal contracting preferences and set-asides
  • Have the opportunity to form beneficial teaming partnerships and mentoring relationships
  • Complete your submission without stepping away from your business
  • Know that you are gaining the best advice in the industry
  • Get any and all questions answered
  • Proven completion methodology

8(a) Certification

Fedmarket's SBA 8(a) Certification Specialist will:

  • Conduct a telephone interview with the primary applicant(s) to ensure that he/she/they is/are qualified to be certified under the Program.

  • Identify all enclosures and data items that the applicant(s) must provide to complete and package the Program application.

  • Examine all enclosures and data received from the applicant(s) to ensure that all required items have been provided and notify the applicant if important information is missing. Provide status reports regarding the preparation of the Program application.

  • Contact the applicant(s) via email and telephone to discuss and obtain any missing information and/or data needed to prepare special SBA compliant elements of the package (e.g. Bylaws, Claims of Economic Disadvantage). The Program application preparation service includes the preparation of the applicant's('s) economic narrative needed to prove economic disadvantage.

  • Complete the Program application, ensuring that it is totally comprehensive and in conformance with SBA regulations.

  • Prepare a cover letter for the submittal of the Program application.

  • Assist the client in submitting application
SBA 8(a) Full-Service Application Preparation $4,000


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