GSA Contract Assessment

Avoid $$$ Penalties!

When you don't know what to expect, preparing for a GSA Assessment can be mind-boggling.  Oversights can cost you money, and you risk losing your GSA contract.

What does GSA want to see? Guesswork doesn't work.

Let Fedmarket's GSA staff help you prepare for your GSA Assessment; our assistance will save you time, money, and possibly your contract.

GSA recently announced all schedule holders would be required to undergo a GSA Assessment in the fourth year of their five year GSA contract award. The assessment must be complete before pursuing GSA contract renewal option.

GSA contractors with sales of $150K or more may have to complete a GSA Assessment annually.

A GSA Assessment is not an audit, but risks exist if your contract does not follow all contract compliance rules.

No one likes losing money, particularly when you can avoid the loss. Whether through ignorance, carelessness, or intentional, not complying correctly with your GSA schedule award's rules and regulation carries a price.

Preparing for a GSA Assessment should not be guess work. Avoid costly errors, let our GSA staff assist you in preparing for your assessment.

Why are Assessments Performed?
  • Primarily to assure payments to GSA are accurate.
  • Are you identifying GSA sales and paying the proper IFF fees?
  • Prevent Overcharges
  • Are you charging the awarded GSA prices, or lower?
  • Are you complying with the Price Reduction clause?
  • To cancel contracts that are not meeting minimum sales requirements

To  remain a GSA contractor in good standing you must:

  • Stay current on IFF reporting and payment
  • Maintain an acceptable accounting system
  • Provide only the services/products listed on your contract
  • Maintain price controls for GSA and commercial sales
  • Modify your contract as requested (includes admin updates, MASS MODs, pricelists current)
  • Maintain the contracts Basis of Award
  • Comply with GSA discounts
  • Provided TAA approved products/services
  • Maintain a staff of qualified personal to provided service under your contract.

Assessors will review your:

  • Sales Reporting Process – Are you reporting your sales based on your schedule agreement?
  • Pricing on GSA sales – Selected invoices will be reviewed
  • Prompt Payment Discounts – Volume/Quantity discounts must be identified.
  • Calculations of IFF funding Fee – Any discrepancies must be repaid.
  • Proper Payment of Q72a and IFF – Incorrect payments may trigger an audit
  • Basis of Award – Know what your BOA is assure you have complied to it
  • Most Favored Customer – Demonstrate an understand of MFC vs BOA -
  • Product contracts must adhere to agreement, i.e. dealer, environmental factors, Ability One.
  • Service contract must adhere to all current labor and wage laws

You must keep the following current if applicable to you:

  • e-Verify
  • EEO/Affirmative Action
  • VETS-4212
  • Service Contract Reporting – SCR
  • Small Business Subcontract Reporting - eSRS
  • Code of Ethics/Business Conduct
  • Executive Compensation / First -Tier Subcontracts

Be Prepared to Provide Sales Reports to include:

  • All sales made during requested time-frame
  • All GSA sales
  • All federal non-GSA sales
  • Commercial sales
  • Copies of Quotes, Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • 72A Reporting Records
  • Your original GSA proposal
  • Your Contract Award
  • Final Revision Letter
  • Contract awards/modifications/BPAs
  • Commercial Sales Practices
  • Teaming arrangements
  • Pricelists – GSA/commercial
  • GSA compliance procedures/policies for your award
  • Resumes
  • Dealer Agreements

GSA will provide you with an Assessment Report at the conclusion of the review.

GSA Contract Assessment $1,500


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