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GSA schedule proposal preparation & consulting.

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GSA Full-Service SOW

Hold proposal project telephone kick-off meeting with customer

  • Explain the proposal writing process
  • Review GSA’s solicitation requirements
  • Explain the GSA schedule Price Reduction Clause (PRC) and associated discounting controls
  • Review customer’s products, services, and discounting policies
  • Explain documents required to optimize GSA pricing while meeting the requirements of the PRC

Prepare discounting and pricing proposal files based on information gathered during kick-off and company invoices

  • Email proposal discounting and pricing file template and hold teleconference with customer to discuss discounting and GSA pricing strategy
  • Develop and complete final GSA pricing files

Convert pricing proposal tables into required proposal documents

Work with customer to complete required GSA proposal administrative documents

Review and revise all required proposal documents

Deliver final, completed proposal to customer

Responsible for submitting proposal through GSA eOffer

Perform post proposal submission tasks:

  • Monitor the proposal’s evaluation status
  • Assist in accelerating the review process
  • Respond to GSA’s request for clarification
  • Participate in final negotiations with GSA
  • Prepare the final proposal revision letter at the close of negotiations
  • Draft GSA schedule award letter (GSA requests customer to draft their own award letter)

Preform post-award tasks

  • Monitor the status of the award announcement
  • Assist in Upload GSA prices to the online GSA price database

This service is active for 1-year, start date begins upon engagement kick-off meeting.

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