GSA Proposal Writing Service

GSA Schedule Proposal Full-Service

Putting together a proposal for a GSA Schedule contract requires an affinity for detail, incredible patience, and positive genius when it comes to pricing. Fedmarket's Full-Service GSA Schedule Proposal service is designed for companies who want Fedmarket to handle the entire proposal process beginning with proposal preparation, submittal, and negotiation of contract award. 

The most important and most difficult aspect of preparing a GSA schedule proposal is pricing. How to come up with a price that the government will accept and that still provides a profit to your company. Identifying your "Most Favored Customer," determining who should be in your "Basis of Award" group, and understanding how those decisions affect future business decisions are complicated tasks. Pricing is a stumbling block for experienced and novice GSA proposal writers, pricing proliferates itself through many of the files required in your GSA proposal.

The nuances of completing a GSA schedule proposal are best understood when you have an expert at your side. Anyone can complete a proposal - but submitting a proposal that works in your favor is not easily done unless you have years of experience working with GSA Contracting Officers and GSA proposal documents.


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GSA Proposal Base-Service

GSA Base Service is the Answer to Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract at Minimum Cost.

Preparing a GSA schedule proposal is a frustrating exercise created by bureaucratic red tape and undecipherable discounting and pricing requirements. GSA requires that up to 15 or more proposal files be prepares, signed, and submitted electronically by the company submitting a GSA schedule proposal.

We provide you with a template and unlimited hours with a GSA consultant.  Your consultant works with you to complete your proposal.  Instruction, advice and a complete review are all a part of the package. 


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GSA Pak - Do It Yourself

Do-it-yourself GSA proposal writing tool.   

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