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GSA schedule proposal preparation & consulting.

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GSA Schedule Proposal Full-Service

Our solution begins with proposal preparation and ends with GSA schedule revenue.

Fedmarket handles all aspects of preparation, submission, and negotiation of the GSA Schedule proposal.

The goal of the engagement is not only the award of your GSA Schedule contract but revenue and continued sales using your GSA contract award.

  • Assist in selecting the best schedule and formulating optimal GSA prices
  • Prepare, submit, and negotiate GSA offer and obtain award
  • Upload GSA prices to the online GSA price database

Let Fedmarket navigate the complex requirements while your organization seamlessly continues its day-to-day operations.

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There are many companies vying for your GSA proposal business, GSA shops are springing up daily "specializing" in GSA proposals, and many charge less. Anyone can complete a proposal. Why not go for the lowest priced option?

Or why should you pay more than you have too.

Over 50% of proposals submitted are rejected by GSA.

A GSA solicitation is a complex document, many clauses requir expertise to decipher and respond to correctly. Our team has over 20 years of experience with GSA schedule proposal preparation and negotiation.

A GSA schedule is a 5-year contract renewable for up to 20 years. Misinterpretation of a requirement can lock you into circumstances you were not prepared for, if you violate the agreed upon terms you risk losing your contract.

>> Most importantly - we can maximize your pricing. Your profits are a top priority for us. We pride ourselves on formulating a price point acceptable to GSA and beneficial to you.

We will negotiate directly with GSA on your behalf.

Many less experienced organizations go into the negotiations with GSA blindly: they don't know what their rights are; they don't know the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR); they don't know when GSA is merely posturing as opposed to presenting a defensible counter in the negotiation.

Your proposal will be prepared by an experienced GSA specialist. Unlike many other GSA proposal shops, we do not switch you to a junior specialist after initial introduction. Your GSA specialist will provide efficient, responsive, and courteous service.

Our goal is for you to succeed in obtaining your GSA award as quickly as possible. While we cannot control the backlog at GSA we can present a professionally prepared, 100% compliant proposal to them, in doing so we expedite the review process and the need for revisions.

We have an established track record of success in GSA Schedule proposal preparation. References provided upon request.

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