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Fedmarket's "Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal" was developed by Richard White and Kristin Bales. Both are experts in federal government contracting and have years of experience in responding to government RFPs. Together they have written dozens of proposals in all areas of government contracting. Now they have collaborated and put into words the methods for developing a successful proposal from start to finish.

Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal

Write Winning, Compliant Federal Proposals with Our Proposal Writing Recipe

The Proposal Writing Recipe is designed specifically for inexperienced proposal writers.

The Recipe gives you step-by-step instructions for turning an RFP into a winning proposal.  We teach you to write what the evaluators want to read; nothing more, nothing less. Giving the evaluators too much or too little will end up in a loss. Our recipe gives you the perfect blend of ingredients to produce compliant results every time.

Features and Benefits of the Proposal Writing Recipe

Our Recipe uses templates and model content to reduce writing costs. Successful proposals are built over time using content from previous proposals (legacy or model content).

Separate parts to solve your problems
  • Part 1 provides a tool to assist in training proposal staff
  • Part 2 explains to inexperienced writers how to write winning proposals

  • Proposal LibraryComprehensive library of model text and templates reduces proposal costs significantly
    Samples of Winning Proposals
    • Construction
    • Information Technologies
    • Professional Services
    • Technical Services
  • Provides text and formatting to complete a compliant and professional response to an RFP.
  • Samples taken from winning proposals save time and effort, enabling writers to meet tight deadlines.
  • A complete step-by-step procedure for writing a federal proposal
  • Saves proposal writing dollars
  • Maximizes evaluation scores
  • Ensures proposal compliance
  • Filter to extract requirements from an RFP
  • A tool to deconstruct the RFP into its important proposal organization and writing requirements
  • Demystifies RFP by filtering out the red tape
  • Model Executive Summary
  • Stresses why you should be awarded the contract
  • Summarizes your solutions to the government's problems
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Ensures compliance
  • Directs evaluators to find where each requirement is answered
  • Task Maps for technical writers to:
    • Collaborate and share ideas about a technical approach
    • Produces a content outline for inclusion in the technical approach volume of the proposal
    Adds creativity through collaboration to describe the customer solution
    Model management plan volumeSaves proposal writing dollars and maximizes evaluation points for management plan
    Instructional PowerPointProposal writing tips and instruction on using the Proposal Recipe

    Winning Proposals Provide Evaluators with What They Want in a Clear, Concise, and Tightly Organized Proposal

    Federal proposal evaluators want precisely what they asked for in the RFP. Evaluators tell you what they want in Section L Proposal Instructions and Section M Evaluation Criteria. They want your proposal organized like L & M so they can evaluate your response easily and quickly.

    >> Recipe instructions are presented in two parts.

    Part I Building a Draft Proposal Using an Example RFP 

    Part 1 presents step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a draft proposal using an example RFP.  We explain how to develop a draft proposal using information in the three critical requirements sections of an RFP (Sections L Proposal Instructions, Section M Evaluation Criteria and the Statement of Work).

    Inexperienced proposal mangers and writers can read Part 1 until they understand the basics of building a proposal from an RFP. Part 1 can be used as both a reference document during proposal writing projects or as a training tool for new proposal writers.

    Part 2 Building a Draft Proposal Using an Actual Example RFP 

    Part 2 presents step-by-step instructions on how to build a draft proposal in response to an actual bidding opportunity. In Part 2 you will produce a compliant draft proposal from your own RFP.  At the end of Part 2, you will have a complete proposal outline that you can strengthen with subject matter and technical content, edit, and submit to the government.

    Win one proposal using the Recipe and the product will pay for itself many times over.

    Recipe for Writing a Compliant Federal Proposal $690


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