What is it

A planned effort to capture business executed by federal business development professionals


  • Fedmarket's federal business development team identifies where the demand is for your offering
  • We do the leg work for you by directly marketing to buyer on your behalf
  • You prosper by having an experienced federal marketing team at your disposal
  • We will position you to successfully sell to targeted accounts


  • You control your investment by designating time spent on each deliverable
  • Identify Demand
  • Capture Planning
  • Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing Services

Fedmarket helps you win business by formulating and executing a strategic federal sales plan.

A planned effort to capture business executed by federal business development professionals gives you the inside edge in winning business with the government. Fedmarket has expertise in the federal business development arena gained over decades of experience marketing to federal buyers. We put this expertise at your disposal through the creation and execution of a direct marketing plan.

How We Help You Win

Our business development experts win business by:

  • Understanding your capabilities and value proposition
  • Analyzing procurement information
  • Identifying suitable targets
  • Capture planning
  • Identifying key points of contact
  • Presenting your capabilities
  • Writing proposals
  • Assisting you with the close

There are three phases to our direct marketing plan: research, capture planning, and direct marketing. During the research phase we work with you to understand your position in the marketplace and to identify where there is demand for your offering. Capture planning involves identifying specific opportunities to pursue and establishing a position to allow you to close the business. Direct marketing means just that: we do the leg work for you and directly market your offering to buyers. Ultimately, the goal is to position you to successfully sell into the targeted accounts.

The following is an in-depth discussion of engagement:

  • Objectives
  • Deliverables
  • Methodology

With our assistance, your organization will be able to implement a direct marketing plan for your federal business endeavors. The direct marketing plan is aimed to assure that:

  1. you are able to progressively build relationships within the federal sector;
  2. that you can identify opportunities that are worthy of pursuit; and,
  3. your capabilities are directly marketed to potential demand.

Fedmarket's experience is that direct marketing plan success is not based on any scientific formula. In other words, it is not possible to state in advance which activities will prove to be most fruitful, which opportunities are better, which efforts will lead to intended outcomes. Rather, plan success is based on a combination of perseverance, patience, weighing of information, and other such 'soft' considerations. The old marketing maxim 'half the marketing budget is unnecessary but one cannot know which half' may be applicable. Fedmarket has over the course of years of experience developed a tried and tested methodology that has yielded results. Fedmarket's intent is to bring this experience to bear in support of your organization.

Fedmarket's vision is that executing the direct marketing plan will establish a fully developed sales pipeline for your organization. The pipeline will include opportunities within targeted federal agencies or with prime federal contractors that have a prospective need for your offering. The opportunities might range from prospective public procurements to currently open procurements or teaming situations. Plans unfold over the course of a number of months - average duration between 12 and 18 months.

Specific deliverables associated with the direct marketing plan are as follows:

  • Research - Identify demand for your organization's offering
  • Capture Planning - Establish targets for pursuit
  • Direct Marketing - Getting in front of buyers

Research - Identify Demand for Services
Market research will be performed to identify those federal agencies that are in need of your products or services. The research will have as its primary objective to match your offering to federal sector demand. The research will be wide ranging, focusing on more than just the obvious potential customers. It will also seek to identify potential corollary targets that have demand for your core competencies. The market research will allow you to understand the scope of total demand and gain an appreciation for the diversity of accounts you may want to pursue.

Capture Planning - Establish Targets for Pursuit
Based on the identification of demand, the plan will be then formulated to specify which targets will be primary. Given the potential vast number of agencies with demand for your products or services, consideration will be given to contract cycles, incumbent prime contractor profiles, RFP release dates and other such market attributes to narrow the field of targets to a manageable number.

The idea is to find the combination of market attributes of any one account that will lend itself to maximizing your efforts in pursuit of business from this account. The outcome of this specification will be to knowingly commit your efforts to a narrow field of targets that will prevent dilution of effort. The accounts to be pursued may be both federal government entities and government prime contractors.

Direct Marketing - Getting in Front of Buyers
As a further step in the execution of the direct marketing plan, Fedmarket will work on your behalf to present your offerings to mutually agreed-upon target accounts. Approved capability statements will be developed and presented to target accounts where access can be gained for direct interaction with potential clients. The ultimate objective is to have these efforts result in new business for your organization.

Fedmarket's methodology is to work with you to fulfill deliverables for each phase on an hourly, time and materials basis. For each phase, you approve a not-to-exceed level of effort. As individual phases are completed, you then allow Fedmarket to proceed with the subsequent phase, again on a not-to-exceed basis.

The phases and related activities are detailed in the table below.

Phase Activities
Research Review capabilities
Report capabilities that match market demand
Procurement information analysis
Target the two most promising accounts
Select the three most promising opportunities for each account
Obtain target approval
Capture Planning Analyze each Targets Statement of Work
Develop Capture Plan(s)
Client Approves Capture Plan(s)
Direct Marketing Identify and obtain appointments with POCs
Prepare presentations
Meet with POCs
Report capture plan progress/results
Support negotiations and closes

This methodology is designed to:

  • protect you by allowing you to have direct control over Fedmarket efforts in accordance with your perceived value of such efforts;
  • free Fedmarket from being forced to project a level of effort that is inherently unknowable a priori; and,
  • provide a focused approach to marketing federal government and commercial clients who sell to the federal government.

Bottom line is that we mutually agree to a cap on the number of hours to be worked for each phase. You are then at liberty to control when to proceed with more hours.

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