You Can't Learn Proposal Writing from a Book

Crafting a well written and compelling proposal is a complex and difficult task. The process requires attention to detail and, furthermore, the writer must have an understanding of what the proposal evaluators will be looking for when reviewing the proposal. Creativity is required when writing the Technical Approach and the Management Plan (although some might not consider writing technical and management solutions creative).

Learning how to write winning proposals is like learning to ride a two wheeler. Reading an instructional book might point you in the right direction and help you manage the process. But you must actually write proposals to really learn the nuances required to write winners. We are continually demonstrating Fedmarket's web-based proposal writing tool, the Proposal Architect. The reaction of a few prospective buyers has been "It's too hard and our company could not implement anything that structured with such demanding and detailed procedures." It is our opinion that winning proposals are difficult to write and you have to have an exceptionally demanding process in place to write them. Obviously, it's your call. Without having a structure in place, your company is likely to produce sloppy efforts. Forget to tailor a resume to the requirements of the Request for Proposal (RFP), lose a few points. Miss a nuance in the Management Plan, lose a few more points. A few points here, a few points there, and it's all over. There aren't any shortcuts.

Companies new to the federal market often miss the point that one or more of the companies writing competing proposals have the demanding business process in place to write outstanding proposals. And they probably have an experienced proposal manager and experienced proposal writers - - a deadly combination, to say the least. Proposal-writing software cannot write a proposal for you any more than software could write that novel you have had in the back of your mind for years. You ask then exactly what does Fedmarket's Proposal Architect product provide?

Features of Fedmarket's Product:

  • A highly structured end-to-end sales and proposal writing process
  • A tool to assist you in (i) developing a detailed proposal outline, (ii) creating content according to the outline, and (iii) controlling and assembling proposal chapters
  • Model text that can be tailored to meet the requirements of the Request for Proposal

Companies that hope to win federal business must have a structured process in place or they will be left behind. You cannot afford to be without one if you are serious about selling services in the federal market.

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